I must say, one of the challenging aspects of having a good skin is maintaining it. This is because the things that can damage a good skin is part of our everyday life. things such as pollution (like smoke, radiation), excessive heat from the sun and bad food choices. Not to worry, you can still get that all year round skin glow. Simply follow this guide:

Cleansing: Be sure to cleanse your face twice daily (preferably morning and night) with a water soluble cleanser. Apply the cleanser with light pressure in circular motions in an upward direction (for dry skin, it is advised to skip the morning wash or use a moisturizing face cleanser).  Even if your face is oily always try to avid harsh cleansers. Cleansing helps remove dirt that clogs up your pores and is not easily removed by normal simple washing.


Tone your skin: Toning should be done just after cleansing. It  helps remove fine traces of oil and any left over dirt on the face but do keep in mind that dryness will prompt your skin to make even more oil so ensure you choose a toner that would smoothen, soften and calm the skin. Preferably, choose a toner for sensitive skin. Apart from preparing the skin for moisturizing, toning helps to adjust the PH of your skin back to normal and this is very essential in keeping your face healthy and balanced. keep in mind that a good toner should help replenish your skin surface and also add vital repairing ingredients to the skin after cleansing.


Moisturizing: This should be done every morning and night. Moisturizers are what feed your face with nutrients so be sure to choose a very good moisturizer. For your body, choose moisturizers with sunscreen preferably with a sun protector factor (SPF) 25 or greater is highly recommended. You can also use serums filled with antioxidants and anti aging ingredients to give your skin a fresh youthful glow.

Exfoliating: Usually, experts advise that you should exfoliate your skin every three to five days. Exfoliating your skin is essential because sun damage causes the skin to become abnormally thick wherein acne and oily skin only complicates it further. Therefore, exfoliating helps to eliminate this kind of build up which would otherwise cause uneven skin tone, clogged up pores, deeper wrinkles and dullness.


Face masks: These are usually done to basically detoxify, tighten pores and renew the skin. It should be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. However, it is important to cleanse and tone before masking and also tone and moisturize after masking. In order to achieve best results, ensure the mask is left on the face and neck between 5 – 20 minutes depending on the composition.

Sticking to this routine all year long is quite a task but it will definitely get you an amazing skin. however, if you do skip anyone listed here, just ensure its not among the first four. Always remember that following this routine won’t just make you radiant and attractive, it will help maintain your skin and fight signs of aging so that you can be the hottest, freshest and most attractive grand parent of your time.

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