HEALTHY EATING PLAN – Basics | healthy eating

Okay, you have probably been told that you look too fat, or your doctor has told you to lose weight or you simply have decided to pay extra attention to your health. Whatever the reason is, eating healthy is definitely a must for whoever wants to have a healthy life style or lose weight. You are not alone! Today, thousands of people make the decision to lose weight and start eating better on a daily basis. Once this decision has been made, a series of question follows. Questions such as what healthy eating plan should I follow? Is being a vegetarian the way out? Should I go on juice diet? How do I eat healthy with Nigerian food? [Read More]



Weight gain is an increase in body weight which normally occurs as a result of increase in muscle mass, excess fluids or fat deposits. Today, weight gain is greatly frowned upon in most countries and that explains why over 45 million Americans go on diet each year but the question is, is dieting the solution for all people? people jump into weight loss programs without first understanding how the weight is gained (in order to know how to loose it) and that explains why 97% of these dieters regain the weight they loose within some three years. [Read More]

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